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We are living in the age of technology. New technologies and devices are emerging with more advanced features every day, and the same is true for the scopes. The hunting and shooting industries are also making major advancements in the scopes. If you are a night hunter, you can easily shoot your prey using night vision optics. The best thermal imaging scopes are basically special types of scopes for mounting scopes. 

However, getting the best thermal imaging scope is not an easy task, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the thermal technology or the thermal scope. Whether you are a hunting hobbyist, a nighttime hog hunter, or want to survey animals, you can perform this task with the help of our top-picked thermal imaging scopes precisely. 

This article will cover the detailed thermal rifle scope reviews having different sizes, shapes, prices, and quality. Also, check out the important considerations at the end of this article. So, let’s get deeper.


Our Top Picks

ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Rifle Scope
ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Rifle Scope
  • Manufacturer Brand: ATN
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches
theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope w/10+hrs Battery & Ultra-Low Power Consumption
theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope
  • Manufacturer Brand: theOpticGuru
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Magnification: 7x
ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope
ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope
  • Manufacturer Brand: ATN
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Magnification: 12x


List of Best Thermal Imaging Scopes – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Thermal imaging scopes help you view your target even in low visibility conditions that other ordinary night vision scopes cannot do. Our prepared list of top-rated thermal imaging scopes comparison not only narrows down your research but also save a lot of your precious time. We have collected these scopes based on performance, prices, size, and, most importantly, ease of use.

Image Product Details   Price
ATN-Thor-4 ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope Sports Type: Hunting
Compatible Device: Rifle
Item Dimensions: 13.8 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight: 2.2 Pounds
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ATN Thor LT ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope Sports Type: Hunting
Compatible Device: Rifle
Item Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
Check Price
Opticguru-thor-LT theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope Sports Type: Hunting
Compatible Device: Rifle
Item Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
Weight: 1 kg
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ATN Thor HD ATN ThOR-HD Thermal Rifle Scope Sports Type: Hunting
Compatible Device: Rifle
Item Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches
Weight: 2 Pounds
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AGM AGM Global Vision Rattler Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Sports Type: Hunting
Compatible Device: Rifle
Item Dimensions: 7.37 x 2.46 x 2.33 inches
Weight: 1 Pound
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So, let’s move on to the thermal imaging scope reviews. 

ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope – Best Thermal Imaging for Hunting

ATN Thor 4, Thermal Rifle Scope with Full HD Video rec, WiFi, GPS, Smooth Zoom and Smartphone Controlling Thru iOS or Android Apps
  • Manufacturer Brand: ATN
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 13.8 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds

ATN Thor 4 is the name of quality, performance, and all-in-all features in a compact piece of the best thermal imaging scopes for hunting. It’s an ultra-sensitive next-generation thermal imaging scope with high-quality sensors. Yes, this scope is able to capture crisp, clear images up to long distances with enhanced resolution. In our experience, ATN Thor is a highly sensitive and smooth gradation best thermal scope in the market. The scope offers you to see your target even in total darkness. 

best thermal imaging scopes

Not only this, but this piece of thermal imaging scope comes with a Ballistic calculator. It helps you to make every shot a hit and target your prey precisely each and every time. Although, you can record your hunting sessions to show off in front of your friends. Thanks for the innovative Stream video recording technology. You cannot only record videos but also can stream live videos on your smartphone or tablet with the help of a dedicated stream app. Isn’t it a plus? Yeah, it’s a wonderful heat sensor scope. 

Moreover, Recoil Activated Video (RAV) technology takes care of all your worries. You just have to focus on your hunting game, the Obsidian Core intelligent processor will do the heavy lifting for you. It’s up to you whether you target or directly record the video in the SDcard. In our option, it’s an ultra-low-profile thermal rifle scope. Also, you don’t need to worry about the batteries dying because ATN Thor 4 offers you extended battery life. The features are not limited to the ballistic calculator, but the scope also has a rangefinder, multiple profiles, humidity, and temperature calculators. All these attributes offer you making long-range shots accurately. 

best thermal optics
ATN ABL Laser Range Finder

In the end, we want to share the shallower points of this thermal imaging sight scope. The scope does not work with the older version of the firmware. You always have to keep the firmware updated for flawless working. 

  • White/Black settings are easier to use. 
  • Great customer support. 
  • Automatically video recording feature. 
  • Longest battery backup up to 16+ hours. 
  • Waterproof and weather-resistant scopes. 
  • You can’t download the video directly from the app. 
  • You have to trim the cover to insert the SDcard properly. 


ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope – Best Entry Level Thermal Scope

ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope w/10+hrs Battery
  • Manufacturer Brand: ATN
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds

ATN Thor LT is one of the best budget thermal imaging rifle scopes at a very affordable price. The ATN has broken the price barrier to give you fun with thermal imaging scope such as ATN Thor LT. The unit is equipped with an advanced heat detection system allowing you to see your target even in total darkness. It does not matter whether there is dense fog, smoke, or heavy vegetation; you can shoot your target easily with ATN Thor LT. 

 top-rated thermal imaging scopes

Enjoy the taste of traditional design along with innovative technology. So, you can get one from the two worlds. The tube is of 30mm size, made up of hardened aluminum alloy. The scope offers recoil resistance to show compatibility with high-caliber weapons. Yes, you listened right. This best thermal scope is compatible with both low or high-caliber rifles. 

Moreover, this thermal imaging scope is made to give you the highest performance with minimal power consumption. You can now enjoy a battery life of up to 10+ hours due to the integrated Li-ion battery.  Not only this, but the scope also has an extended temperature range from 20F to 120F. The improved range does not change the scope’s performance due to a high-temperature range. 

thermal imaging scope reviews

In our experience, this heat signature scope is made up of premium quality material that makes it a lightweight scope. You will feel a more agile and balanced rifle due to its low weight. In our opinion, it’s the lightest thermal imaging scope than an average scope. 

best thermal imaging scopes for hunting

Lastly, we have noticed some downsides of this thermal imaging scope. Firstly, it has no integrated range adjustment feature. Secondly, you will feel an initial boom of light whenever you turn ON the scope. 

  • Good scope for the money.  
  • Easy to use scope. 
  • A great entry-level scope. 
  • One-shot zero functionality is a plus. 
  • The zooming feature is not continuous. 
  • No integrated range adjustment feature. 


theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope – Affordable Thermal Scope

theOpticGuru Thor LT Thermal Scope w/10+hrs Battery & Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Manufacturer Brand: theOpticGuru
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 1 kg

If you are planning to buy an all-in-all and best thermal night vision scope for a rifle, theOpticGuru might be your ideal choice. This digital thermal imaging scope lets you focus on what really matters by keeping your efforts up to a minimum. The scope is made to keep all the functionalities as simple as possible to give you all-inclusive thermal imaging. This scope is also available at an affordable price to give everyone a chance to experience this five-star theOpticGuru Thor LT best thermal scope. 

In addition, the scope is made up of high-quality aluminum material to make it robust. The aluminum body prevents it from rusting and also saves it from any damage, even falls. Designed for hunting, but we also found it usable in AirSoft, Surveillance, and more. However, you can’t mount it with crossbows because the unit is only compatible with rifles. So, bring theOpticGuru Thor LT thermal imaging scope and enjoy clear images and videos at your fingertips. 

Moreover, the scope is equipped with intelligent heat sensors that even work in the pitch dark. You don’t need to worry about the darkness because the performance increases as the darkness increases. The reason is that it has a heat detection sensor that works best at night. In the same way, the 30mm tube captures enough heat to give you a crisp, clear image of your prey. 

You don’t need to worry about the power shortage. The scope is designed in such a way to give you the highest performance by consuming the least amount of energy. In our experience, you can enjoy the non-stop hunting for up to 10+ hours due to Li-ion batteries. 

On the contrary, the only downside is its charging. There is no indicator light to show whether the scope is charging or not. 

  • Lightweight and easy to operate. 
  • A great scope with a extended range. 
  • Longer battery life up to 10+ hours. 
  • Soft control buttons. 
  • Classic ergonomic design. 
  • It does not come with mounting hardware. 
  • Hard to recognize the target at a longer range. 


ATN ThOR HD Thermal Rifle Scope – Thermal Hunting Scope

ATN ThOR-HD 384 2-8x, Thermal Rifle Scope
  • Manufacturer Brand: ATN
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2 Pounds

ATN Thor HD is one of the best and long-range thermal scopes that comes with a lot of incredible features. Suitable for hunting and compatible with almost all types of rifles. Equipped with a 384×288 sensor ensuring unbeatable performance. In our experience, it’s a heavy-duty and ideal night vision scope because it uses heat energy instead of IR light. So, you can view your target more precisely and clearly due to thermal imaging. 

heat sensor scope

Moreover, the unit is equipped with a ballistic calculator allowing you to calculate the trajectory of your bullet. Helps you hit your target with more convenience aided with the shot placement feature. This feature allows you to adjust your point of impact more precisely to make every shot a kill. 

thermal rifle scope
Ballistic Calculator

In addition, the ballistic calculator is coupled with a built-in intelligent range finder. Discover how far your target is with the help of a rangefinder and make your life easier than ever. This feature is much helpful in improving your shooting skills, keeping you away from other controlling tasks of the scope. So, focus on your hunting skills and leave the rest on the intelligent sensor. 

thermal imaging sight scope

ATN Thor HD thermal imaging scope offers you a smooth zooming feature. This feature assists you in magnifying the target up to your preferences without losing your FOV. Not only this, but the unit offers a high-resolution video and image recording with RAV and Wi-Fi streaming characteristics. So, record all our hunting sessions using a smartphone as a viewfinder. Don’t worry about the firmware compatibility because the unit allows you to upgrade the firmware to maximize compatibility. 

best budget thermal imaging rifle scopes
Record HD Video

Above all, we have noticed some deficiencies in ATN Thor HD thermal imaging scope. Firstly, the scope is somewhat expensive. Secondly, it’s a little bit heavier in weight. 

  • High image performance scope. 
  • Built-in ballistic calculator and rangefinder. 
  • Large viewing angle with zooming capability. 
  • Easy to follow instructions. 
  • Easy to update the firmware. 
  • A slight screen interference with the Wi-Fi. 
  • A bit bigger in size. 


AGM Global Vision Thermal Scope – Best Hunting Thermal Imager

AGM Global Vision Rattler TS25-384 Compact Short/Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 384x288 (50 Hz), 25 mm Lens, White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Fusion.
  • Manufacturer Brand: AGM Global Vision
  • Sports Type: Hunting
  • Compatible Device: Rifle
  • Item Dimensions: 7.37 x 2.46 x 2.33 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound

AGM Global Rattler TS25-384 is of the finest and compact heat-seeking scopes. Manufactured to ensure heavy-duty performance. In our experience, this scope works 24 hours under any weather and environmental condition without issues. Engineered with a 25mm lens that is suitable for medium to long-range shooting. Not only this, but this thermal image scope comes with a 384×288 thermal detector coupled with a 1024×768 OLED monitor. It means you not only get crisp, clear images but also view them on a high-quality monitor. 

Furthermore, the unit is designed to work even in harsh weather environments such as dark, smoke, fog, dust, and rain. You also don’t need to worry about the performance in such conditions. Because the scope is designed to deal with such situations without affecting the performance. 

If we talk about the working, it’s a dual-purpose thermal imaging scope. You can use it as a thermal rifle scope or also a compact handheld monocular. We found this scope best suitable for patrolling, hunting, and similar applications. However, the battery life is average. The two CR123 batteries give you battery backup up to 4.5 hours in a single charge. Although, you can also enhance the power backup time with the help of an external 5V power bank. 

In addition, the unit consists of an onboard Wi-Fi module to give you live video streaming with video recording. In short, the AGM Global Vision Rattler TS25-384 is a universal and all-in-all heat scope for you. 

Above all, the downside we observed is that the scope is made up of polycarbonate, not aluminum. Also, it only supports thermal vision, not night vision. 

  • Dual-application thermal imaging scope. 
  • Made up of high-quality material. 
  • 0.39-inches OLED is a plus. 
  • 8x digital zooming capability. 
  • Onboard recording. 
  • The eyecup is not of premium quality. 


What You Need To Check Before Buying The Best Thermal Imaging Scope – Buying Guide

Thermal imaging scopes are designed to capture the target with high-quality imaging. Keep in mind that thermal imaging scopes cost hundreds of dollars and are a great investment for everyone There are many significant parameters that you should consider before making any buying decision.  Check out the important buying considerations for the best thermal imaging scope in the following:

Detection Range

Detection range is one of the crucial aspects of thermal imaging scopes. This term refers to the distance to which a thermal imaging scope can give you a clear image. Some scopes provide a viewing distance from 100 yards to 1500 yards or sometimes more. As the detection range increases, the prices of the thermal scope increase correspondingly. However, the ordinary and entry-level best thermal scopes have a detection range of up to 200 yards. In our opinion, always check for the detection range of the thermal imaging scope before buying. In our opinion, go for the scope that has a minimum coverage of 150-200 yards.

Thermal Imaging Scope Sensor’s Resolution 

Sensor resolution is another factor that you must consider while choosing a thermal imaging scope. Keep in mind that the resolution of thermal imaging scope and night vision scope is different from each other. A higher resolution leads to a more clear and precise image of the target. So, we recommend you always go for a higher resolution. 

Thermal Imaging Magnification

Magnification is the ability of the thermal scope to zoom the image. It helps you to look at the details of the target. The ordinary scopes have magnification up to 3x. However, we recommend you go for a higher resolution. Your chosen scope must have 3x-6x magnification power. 

Scope’s Refresh Rate

We assure you that this term is new to you. Don’t worry; we are going to explain it here. It’s the time that the scope takes to refresh the image. As all the thermal scopes are operated digitally, a delay might happen. In our opinion, you must pick up a scope with a higher refresh rate for precise shooting. 

Lens Diameter

The lens diameter plays a crucial role in getting a clear and accurate image. Remember that the field of view and lens diameter is directly proportional to each other. If the diameter is higher, you will get an enhanced field of view. A good thermal imaging scope is one having a large diameter of the lens. However, we recommend you check your preferences and requirements first before going for the purchase. 

Reticle Pattern

Reticle pattern is another crucial feature that plays an important role in precise targeting. The common thermal imaging scopes come with a four-line crosshair or single-dot reticle patterns. Both patterns have their merits and demerits. S, it is recommended you check your preferences first and then choose the reticle type. 

Battery Backup

Battery life is the most important feature that everyone must consider. The battery life tells you long your scope with work without any power shortage. Generally, thermal imaging scopes have a battery life of up to 4 hours. In our opinion, you must go for a thermal imaging scope that has a battery backup range of 4.5 to 8 hours with the battery. 


As heat detection is the latest technology compared to night vision scope. This technology is also costly. Therefore, always go for a thermal imaging scope with an extended warranty for after-sales services. In warranty, you can replace any damaged component, and also they assist in resolving your queries. 

Working of Rifle Thermal Imaging Scopes

As the name suggests, the thermal scopes work on the principle of heat detection. The scope detects the heat on the targeted area. After that, the internal thermogram of the scope converts the electronic pulses. These pulses are sent to the internal intelligent processor. After processing, the image appears depending on the emitted heat from the body of your target. 

The basic construction of the thermal scope is based on optics, infrared/heat detector, signal processing chip, and viewing screen. So, you have seen that the working of a thermal imaging scope is pretty simple. 

Features of Thermal Rifle Scopes

Thermal imaging rifle scopes offer viewing images with the help of heat detection phenomenon. Such scopes are equipped with special software settings to improve the image quality even in the pitch dark. Different brands offer different types of features. However, we have enlisted the most common features that thermal imaging scopes offer:


Thermal scopes come with different magnifications to see more details of the target. The magnification ranges from 1.5x to 50x, depending on the price and application. 

Display & Sensor

If a sensor is good, correspondingly, you will get a good display. However, some scopes come with smaller displays and others with large displays. However, you must check your preferences before selecting the right display size. 

Day/Night Mode

As you know, thermal imaging scopes are made to hunt animals at night time. However, many thermal scopes come with both day and night vision capability. If you are a night hunter, then night vision thermal scope is best. Otherwise, you can go for the day/night mode. 

Shooting Assistance

The latest thermal imaging scopes come with a shooting assistant. The assistant makes almost all the calculations itself offering you to focus only on hunting skills. 

HD Live Stream

The thermal imaging scopes also come with dedicated apps. The dedicated app offers you to stream your hunting session live on your mobile tablet. 


The recording is another important feature that a thermal imaging scope offers. You can now record both the image and video with this built-in feature. 

Advantages of Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes

According to the experts, thermal scopes are more beneficial for hunting rather than night vision scopes. The reason is that the thermal scopes use the body’s heat to detect something and don’t need an IR flashlight. Also, it gives you a clear view and detection even in foggy, rainy, and other environments. The thermal scopes also help you to find the wounded animals. Also, you remain more cautious of the predators by using thermal scopes. Last but not least, you can also detect humans with thermal scopes to know if their hunter is in that area or not. 

Is It Necessary To Have A Thermal Imaging Scope for Hunters?

It’s more beneficial if a hunter has a thermal imaging scope. Check out the primary reasons in the following:

  • Same Scope For Day/Night

If a hunter has best thermal rifle scope, he can utilize it for both day and night hunting. He does not need to buy another scope separately for daytime hunting and thermal for nighttime hunting. The thermal imaging scope will fulfill all your needs. 

  • More Affordable

We all know that thermal scopes are a bit more costly than night scopes. However, thermal imaging scopes are more affordable if we consider the specifications, technology, and overall performance. 

  • Hunt Different Animals

As thermal imaging scopes offer many incredible options, therefore, you can hunt many animals like hogs, predators, and even coyotes. 

  • Law Enforcement

The night vision thermal scopes help you to check whether someone is fulfilling law enforcement or not. 

  • Protecting Hunters

Due to high performance and clear visibility, many hunters use thermal image scopes to protect them from dangerous animals. 

  • Wounded Games

The thermal imaging scopes are very helpful in trailing games. A player can find the blood even in a rainy environment with the help of thermal imaging scope. 


Many brands are offering thermal imaging scopes at reasonable prices. However, ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope is the cheap thermal imaging scope on our list. 

The range of a thermal scope depends primarily on the manufacture and model. Usually, thermal scopes have a detection range from 100 yards to 4000 yards. 

The laws for having thermal imaging scopes change with the location and region where you live. However, you can own a thermal imaging scope if you are from the United States of America. 

No, thermal imaging scopes are not capable of seeing through the walls. Don’t believe in movies; all the things there, are created through virtual reality. 

You must check the size, weight, magnification, zooming capability, lens diameter, and many other important aspects wherever you go for buying a thermal imaging scope. You can also check our detailed buying guide for further information.


In conclusion, thermal imaging scopes have gained huge popularity among people due to their all-in-all features and other benefits. Another reason is that thermal image scopes have more merits than demerits. People find it very helpful in extreme situations such as fog, rain, smoke, and cold. So, check out our shortlisted best thermal imaging scope and hunt predominantly. 

We hope our detailed thermal scope reviews and buying guide will help you choose the best one. In the end, check out our recommendations:

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